Work with Me

Do you hunger for MORE?

Do you know that there is more out there? Can you feel the calling, but don’t know how to take the next step? Do you need a sounding board for your spiritual growth, a partnership with another conscious spiritual being to help you along your path?

Nobody can do this work alone. We need each other. Humans have expanded more through collaboration than competition. Especially for women — our growth is in the collective, in connection.

I offer one-on-one mentorships for women, entrepreneurs, and especially Beauty Makers and Interior Designers.

How it works:

We may have one, or many, phone sessions wherein you speak what is true for you, what is up, what is pressing, where you are stuck, what you love about your life, and what you want to change.

I listen. I reflect back to you what I hear, using transformational tools that help you begin to shift where you are stuck. I share with you my instructions, actions that will move you forward. This may include podcast episodes of my respected mentors and colleagues, programs you can subscribe to or attend, tasks, personalized rituals, and more.

The key is that you are READY. Ready for action. Ready and willing to take action, to change. You sense that there is more to this life, and you want it.

I am particularly excited to help women build and maintain spiritual practices that sustain us.

At the end of each mentorship call, we will engage in a spiritual mind treatment, a calling in, a custom prayer and blessing, in the moment, for your healing.

I have seen, over and over again, what happens for your well being, your state of mind, your relationships, and your relationship to yourself, when you allow yourself to consciously create a spiritual practice. Many people simply don’t know how to do this, or what it would look like.

A spiritual practice is not just sticking affirmations on post-its around the mirror. Proven technologies exist, unifying mind, body, spirit, and science. These are the tools I want you to have at your disposal, to align with your highest self.

Contact me to schedule your Divine Hustler mentorship session.