In the early stages of growing LMB Interiors, my sense of safety was absent. I was an anxious chaser spinning myself around trying to find my next client, seeking approval from others, and wondering how to pull off being an interior designer when I felt like an absolute fraud. ⁠

I remember driving into Piedmont, our local high-end neighborhood, feeling like I didn't belong there. I was definitely faking it until I could feel like I was making it. But I persevered. I longed for safety and security, and I thought being successful and getting approval was going to give me the inner quiet I longed for. ⁠

Then I took a class called Financial Freedom at the Center for Spiritual Living, and my life started to change. I started to find inner stillness by connecting to Source, and began to feel peace. It was very slow at first, but over time it started to take hold. Now, 25 years later, I remember to reach for the tools that get me there more often. ⁠

Access to these feelings takes intention. It doesn't just "happen." If you are waiting for conditions around you to change before you feel at home with yourself, you're going to be waiting a long time. It all starts with you.⁠

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I laugh out loud at my younger self and the stories she told about how forbidden napping was. I grew up in a traditional military household. There was NO napping. Beds were made with hospital corners, tiles were pristinely scrubbed, and every dish was always put away. ⁠

As the eldest daughter, I learned my job was to be the assistant housewife, making sure chores were done and dinner was on the table before my parents came home. My siblings resented my nagging, but I did what was expected of me.⁠

In the early years of our marriage when we had two toddlers, my husband Scott and I would go to work at the same time. I had been taught that in addition to playing mom and wife, it was my duty to make sure groceries were in the fridge, meals were made, appointments were kept, laundry was folded... you know the drill. I was taking on all of this while cultivating with my fledgling interior design business. Needless to say, I was always exhausted. Who wouldn't be?! ⁠

If I ever found a window to have quiet time and lay down, I would pop up the second I heard someone – especially my husband – and act like I was still working. ⁠

Grind culture leaves no room for naps. What a bunch of b*llsh!t. I KNOW that napping and vacations bring more prosperity, more flow, and more joy into my life.⁠

If you needed permission, here it is. Take a nap. I dare you!⁠

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I still catch myself straining over the items on my to-do list and then I remember... this is pure hustling! Hustling is grinding, efforting, and exhausting. ⁠

I'm reminding myself every day to be intentional and to stop for pauses. This allows me to string together one calm, joyous, effortless moment after another. ⁠

When I see dirty dishes in the sink, it can be a test: If I've been hustling without connecting to divinity, I feel resentment and rage. When I'm connected and resourced, I either joyfully do the dishes, or calmly ask the person who left them to clean up after themselves. ⁠

You'll be amazed at how much more ease and prosperity start to flow when you let yourself slow down to fill your own cup.⁠

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When I hear myself say, "I need to figure this out" I realize I've regressed to an old version of me who actually thinks I can or should figure something out. ⁠

Recently, a client of mine was disappointed that her expectations weren't met regarding how the interior design process should go. She wanted what I knew wasn't possible to provide, but I overrode my knowing because I was so charmed by this client and her home. It was SO uncomfortable for me to know that I was letting a client down, and as a result was judged as less than competent. ⁠

If you suffer from perfectionism as I have for most of my life, you know how painful it feels when someone you are trying to be liked by, does not like you. My mind spiraled obsessively with the need to solve it. ⁠

Then during a meditation, I saw clearly how stuck I was in this old pattern. I paused and realized: I don't have to scramble and respond right now. I don't have to force myself to figure this out. I need to give it time, and let it run its course. ⁠

And you know what? It happened. Over the period of several days, I let it go. Soon enough the answer revealed itself. By the time I decided I was not going to move forward, it became crystal clear that the project was a "hell no" for me. Even though the client wanted to make it work despite her disappointment, I knew I was unwilling to put myself in that situation. ⁠

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Plagued with self doubt?
Me too.

Something I was taught at a young age by one of my many expanders was to never to ask someone what they do for a living. ⁠

I really, really want to sometimes, but that question often establishes a surface-level conversation. Some people do what they were forced to do, whether by their parents or their culture, or out of obligation and duty. Sometimes a profession causes anxiety to even think about on time off while socializing. ⁠

I want to know who you ARE, not what you do.⁠

A few of my favorite questions now: ⁠
"Do you ever ponder that you are made of stardust?" ⁠
"If I really knew you, what would I know about you?"⁠

Of course there are dozens more, and I'm ready for a few new ones. What do you have for me? Ask me anything. ⁠

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If there is anything I can do to help you leapfrog over my shoulders into the promised land of prosperity, fun, and a wildly successful interior design business, I am here for you. ⁠

We don't have to keep wandering around in the desert of loneliness and efforting. We can cross the bridge together into the soulful, energy rich field of sharing, uplifting, loving, and growing together. ⁠

That's what sacred sisterhood does. We work together and let go of the old story that we have to do it alone to prove our worth. Let's release and reject that partriarchal lie that keep us so separate.

That feeling of excitement you get when someone likes your post... When you spin a story that serves you an ego boost (I'm famous for this one)... When you are at the receiving end of disapproval and your entire world falls apart... That's when you know. ⁠

And THAT is when it's time to turn off the world and settle into contemplation with your higher power. The only approval we truly need to seek is from within our authentic selves—our Source. That's where the juice is. ⁠

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Except here—because if you cuss, the Instagr@m gods get all high and mighty, and pretend they have a wholesome agenda... But there is nothing wholesome about creating a popularity contest that pits people against one another, or a feed that only shows you what they choose for you to see. ⁠

I don't know about you, but I'm about done with competition. We are one human race, and every time we use our voices to inspire, uplift and love each other, we are raising the vibration. ⁠

For some of us that involves grittiness, cussing, and being totally irreverent against the rules of the patriarchy. ⁠

And btw... we like it when you're authentic, so cuss all you want and have fun playing with those keyboard symbols and special characters. ⁠

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