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Work with your ADHD not against it. If you are transparent and honest about how you roll then there are no surprises for your clients. Watch to learn two hacks to make your ADHD your friend not your foe. #comehometoyourself #myadhdlife ...

I'm no astrologer, but one thing I know is that we are officially in the Age of Aquarius. That means if you are woke to the fact that you are an energetic being, and that your vibration can be expanded through spiritual practices, then you are one of the beings who can help bring the light of the divine into the lives of fellow humans. ⁠

My personal ministry is to uplift my fellow divine hustlers... those of you who are hungry for the hustle but want to do it effortlessly by harnessing the grace of the divine. Let's do this!⁠

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Not only do you deserve to slow down... Slowing down is truly the most loving thing we can do for those we care about. ⁠

Even an intentional 15 minutes of meditation and 15 minutes of breathwork can raise your vibration to attract the prosperity and joy you desire. It will soften you and in turn, soften your day. When we slow down, we respond more and react less. We love more and judge less. We laugh more and frown less. ⁠

The good stuff is in the slow down, and good news: it's in your nature. Women were designed to seduce life, not force it. ⁠

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Will you have stories about the struggle, the hard work, and the sacrifices you made to build it? Or will you have stories about how you learned to let Source run it, how you got out of your own way, and how you were delighted by the prosperity, ease, joy, and fun along the way? ⁠

I've done it both ways. And I can tell you that running your life from Soul, savoring the connections, the relationships, and the experiences is far more enriching than laying awake at night worrying about upset clients, financial fears, employees, and supply chains. It's not that those challenging moments don't happen... but connection to source fortifies you to feel less triggered and more at ease when they do. ⁠

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I've become exhausted from thinking I know everything. ⁠

I decided I am going to be a beginner. A curious beginner.⁠

I recently enrolled in a writing class, and it has dropped me to my knees because I thought I knew how to write. And guess what? Not knowing is leading me somewhere new. And I love it. ⁠

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You will never regret surrounding yourself with women who see certain truths about your nature. ⁠

One of my greatest expanders and dearest friends said this about me. @drlizdobbins not only witnesses me in my unraveling, but she revels in instigating and shepherding me through my many transformations and versions. ⁠

How do you feel about it? Wanna get unraveled together?⁠

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I haven't had a good, raucous brag session lately, so here it goes. Please join me by posting your own brags and tag a sister you want to do the same. ⁠

By the way, bragging is NOT boasting. It is a tool for witnessing yourself in your accomplishments so that you feel inspired to manifest more things you feel like bragging about. It's about owning yourself for YOU. ⁠

I brag I am complicated. I brag I can be messy. I brag I am a powerhouse. I brag I know I am on the cusp of another growth spurt. I brag I am finding my way. I brag I am financially successful. I brag I am accomplished, productive, generous, smart, loving, funny, mean, bitchy, and dynamic. I brag I love ALL of me. ⁠

I brag I gave birth to and am raising two amazing humans. I brag I have navigated the ruptures of marriage, and am now living the rapture on the other side. ⁠

I brag I've created standards and boundaries in my business. I brag I have grown a thriving, profitable interior design business. I brag I am celebrating 20 years in business this coming Spring! ⁠

Now your turn. What can you brag about wonderful you?⁠

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Growing up in a religious family, I heard that Jesus was the end-all. Everyone should be more like Jesus. ⁠

Except sometimes, my father was anything but. One year, my mother's aunt — who was the most like Jesus of anyone I knew — loaned my parents some money to pay for my sister's braces. Aunt Winnie was what I would call a spiritual person without the religion. She was generous, she had a kind heart, and most of all, I always felt good around her. Like Jesus! ⁠

But my dad had a belief that if good deeds were done without attribution to God, then they were not of value. So, being the dutiful wife she was, my mother betrayed herself and her aunt, and wrote a letter filled with judgment about the intention behind the gift according to my father's perspective. ⁠

Witnessing the incident and the heartbreak it caused those two women who loved each other left such an impact on me. It is one of the scenes from my childhood that showed me how controlled my mother was,. It showed me that a truly spiritual person is one who loves, gives, and forgives. And it showed me that a person with religion doesn't necessarily mean anything.⁠

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I can't begin to tell you how my business changed when I started letting the Divine run the show. ⁠

Don't get me wrong: I am an Aries woman with a big ego that wants to wrestle with the Creator all the time. I think I know best, and try to hustle without the guidance of Source on board. Wow, is that a bad call. ⁠

Flow happens when I get aligned with my higher power through spiritual practices and watch with wonder how effortless life can be. Nature and movement is a quick way to return me there, as is listing my gratitudes, supporting a friend, or dancing naked to cathartic music. ⁠

Whatever gets you there is fair game. ⁠

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For a Divine Hustler, inspiration can come from neuroscience, high fashion, a great garden salad, or the kind words of a friend. I’d like to share a few of my favorites every week with you. I hope you’ll take inspiration from them, too!

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