The Divine Hustler Retreat
September 28 – October 1, 2023


Beauty Maker: Anyone who creates, curates, or contributes beauty to the world as part of their professional expression.

This retreat is designed for women who are ready to uplevel their designpreneur game from rupture to rapture, where anything is possible. I invite you to join me as we deep dive into who you are as a Beauty Maker. We will journey into discovering and exploring stories you might be telling yourself about why you can’t have the life and business you long for.

We will visit together the places that are hard to uncover alone, identifying obstacles that might be blocking you. I will teach and share anything and everything you could possibly want to know about growing a fun, prosperous, and successful design business. We’ll heal old stories, and write new ones. You will be witnessed and supported in a container of safety, comfort, and beauty as we embark on this journey home to ourselves, together. I will light the way for you to expand into a version who will create the life and business you desire. You will leave feeling full, nourished, and liberated to bloom into your next evolution as a creator, as a woman, and as a business owner. 

Join us for this three-day deep dive into who you are becoming as a Beauty Maker. If you are a creative entrepreneur who struggles with staying aligned with joy in your business, this retreat is for you. 

Early Bird: $3,000 | After July 1: $3,333
Payment plans available | Pricing is for shared rooms

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You spend your life creating beauty for others… isn’t it time you did it for yourself? When we find what is powerful and beautiful in ourselves, when we prioritize our self-care and spiritual practices, we can tap into an endless source of energy to create beautiful businesses that lead to prosperity, expansion, and our own souls’ evolution. 

If you are ready to walk over the bridge from perfection, control, exhaustion, lack, and confusion, and into the beauty of living from soul where fear is transformed into love, then this retreat is for you! We will delve into patterns and thoughts that could be keeping you stuck playing small and minimizing your gifts, and you’ll be inspired with new energy for asserting your boundaries, raising your rates, and standing in your power. 

As women, we grow when we are witnessed and held in a safe container. This retreat will be curated to appeal to your feminine senses of beauty, luxury, and play. 

We can make beautiful lives when we are tapped into our higher selves.

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