bänˌfī(ə)r, noun: A large, controlled fire lit to celebrate something, or as a signal.

I use this metaphor for all that has emerged out of sparks and connections, the workshops and retreats that have stemmed from sharing wisdom on running business from Soul.

Sparks light the fire; regular practice keeps it burning.

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PREVIOUSLY: A Transformative Day of Growth

In my conversations with rising interior designers, everyone wants to know about the financial side of the business. They want to know what I charge, yes, but also, more importantly, they want to know for themselves, “How do I raise my rates?”

Are you asking that question?

Based on the work of Barbara Stanny (author of Sacred Success) and other researchers in the fields of business and life satisfaction, we now know that what we charge, our own hourly rate, the rates we bill our clients for our employees, all of these numbers are a result of our money stories and the stories we’ve absorbed from our families and our cultures. The value we assign to our work can shift dramatically when we recognize our own value, and value the quality of our work.

This workshop is specifically for women.

Here’s the secret: Patriarchal society has kept women in separate bubbles by dictating that we not talk about money with each other. As a result, we are all walking around not knowing, wondering if we are doing it right.

In this one-day workshop, we are going to come together in sisterhood to tell our money secrets, look at our origin stories, own our own value, and using a set of proven tools, create a unique pathway for growth.

We will be examining what beliefs we may be holding that hold us back.

I will share with you specific self-care practices that support us in experiencing financial abundance. We will engage techniques that enable us to feel our value and walk in our value. I will give you specific cues regarding what your rates should be, when to raise your rates, and how to stand by them.

And we will do all of this from the empowered Feminine, from love, and from grace.

You will know your value as you become grounded in your own truth — of your own knowing, education, and experience.

And we do this work in sisterhood because when we tell our truths and speak our dreams together in sisterhood, magic happens. When we are witnessed by our sisters, we see things we couldn’t see in ourselves, alone. Often we don’t realize how amazing we are. But when our sisters recognize that in us and reflect it back, something amazing happens.

This is the community I am creating, one where women Beauty Makers have each other’s backs; we value community over competition; we understand that this world is abundant and that there is more than enough money, clients, and projects for all of us.

Also, over the course of the day, I will share with you what I charge, what my revenue is, what I pay my staff, and what my sales numbers are. I will answer your nuts-and-bolts questions about how to run a design business.

This workshop is right for you if:

You are an Interior Designer or a Beauty Maker and a business owner, or aspire to be.

You suspect that you might be charging beneath your value.

You are willing to be brave and go deep.

You have a spiritual practice or are curious about developing one.