Books that Have Inspired Me to Expand

  Are you ready to take a “big leap”? Below is a short list of books that have inspired me as a woman, wife, mother, interior designer, and business owner. Have you read them? What books have inspired you? Please share your favorites in the comments!   Pussy by Regina Thonhauser Ask and It Is Given…

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Who Am I To Share This? Who Am I NOT To?

How dare I create this website, this IDENTITY? Who am I to share this wisdom? There are so many teachers, healers, lightworkers, wisdom sharers. Why should I take up space in the field? These are thoughts that have held me back for so long. And now, I am stepping into the light. I am sharing…

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Welcome to the Bonfire

Come warm your hands, heart, and soul. If you are here, chances are you are a Light Worker. You feel a drive to change your own life and the lives of others by shining your light, brightly. Individually we can all light one candle at a time. But, if we come together, we can stoke…

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