From Preacher to Teacher


I may have started out feeling like I wanted to shout my discoveries from the rooftops, to create my own goddess pulpit, share my wisdom.

And this is what I want to do, what I am doing.


What I am realizing now is that more than a preacher, I want to be a teacher. Because a teacher is sharing knowledge and wisdom gained to an audience that wants to learn.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Have I — or my posts — appeared in front of you, in your feed, on your device, in the moment when you just needed me/them?

That is my intention.

This intention is also about humility. Do I know what you need? I don’t.

For example, more than ever, I am catching myself when I think I know what’s best for someone, okay, most often, what’s better for my husband Scott than what he knows is best for himself…

Up to now, my interpretation was always, if I can fix Scott he’ll be in a place where he can take care of me. Two fallacies. Since this thinking came from what I was taught; that women — that I — couldn’t take care of myself / ourselves. And the truth is, Scott doesn’t need fixing.

So both/and:

I can take care of myself. I don’t need Scott to take care of me.

And I don’t need Scott to be fixed or perfect. Because perfectionism itself is a trap, a false idol.

What if there is nothing to fix?

More on this topic, via my video post on Instagram:

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Are you constantly looking for what needs to be fixed about you? What if there is nothing to fix? What if you are perfect right where you are?

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As the Divine Hustler, I am:

Inspiring women entrepreneurs to lead from the feminine and rock their businesses

Offering career advice for new and aspiring designers

Posting the inspiration I most need to hear and remember, myself, as a woman, a business owner, a boss, and a wife and mother, every day.

Starting and running my own business birthed the Divine Hustler in me. She helps me be divine first, and hustle second, to lead from Source. Now my Divine Hustler tells my business what to be, instead of being told by my business, or by old belief systems and past versions of myself.

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