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Listening to the Pain

If you knew that the pain you are going through was going to become your greatest learning and would set you free if you could just be with it, would that make it easier? Ok then.

Somewhere along the line, our culture decided we should do anything we could to avoid pain. Take a look at the pharmaceutical industry, for example. Got a headache? Take an aspirin. ⁠

What if that headache had some information to offer you about something you are ignoring or unwilling to be with? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a back pain that disappeared as soon as I sat with my grief around something I hadn’t taken the time to feel.⁠

Our bodies are trying to communicate with us at all times. If we could just listen, we could increase our range, our resiliency. Being with the pain instead of pushing it away can be so transformative. ⁠

If we keep pushing down the feelings that pain brings up, life will continue to present us with situations to get our attention — and it will get louder and louder until we listen. ⁠

This is your reminder that the next time you are confronted with someone who is triggering an old wound, or your body is screaming at you, I would encourage you to invite it to help you know yourself on a deeper level emotionally rather than ignoring it. It’s all connected. ⁠

Enjoy the process. I promise it gets easier and easier, the more you do it. The idea of pain is far more scary than actually feeling it.⁠

I am the beloved daughter of the Universe…

I am the beloved daughter of the motherf—ing Universe, in all of her glory. I take a stand for myself. I take my personal power back. I ascend this fear that seeps its toxic poison through the cells and tissues of my body. I claim a spontaneous healing of this fear and anxiety that is…

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You don’t make a peony wrong…

We’re here to wake up together, to walk each other home, to turn on each other’s lights when we forget, so that no one has to sit in the dark. You can have a sister turn on the light for you. There’s no need to ask who is more wise than the other… instead, think…

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Creating Portals to the Divine

When we realize our simple, ordinary, mundane lives can be portals to the divine by practicing presence in this now moment — that is the moment our awakening comes on line. The other day I was sitting in traffic, and observed as my habitual thought patterns turned toward annoyance. My ego didn’t want to be…

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What are you resisting?

What would it be like if you realized that every thing, every person, every moment of your life has been for your awakening?   One of the most beautiful takeaways from my journey into the shadows via plant medicine, network care, and the myriad of other tools, is that this reality isn’t reality. It’s an…

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Treat Your Business Like A Lover

Once upon a time, a few years ago, as my now-multi-million-dollar business was growing rapidly and I was riding the waves of intensity, I had a conversation with another woman-business owner, Catherine Baldi, who runs a large painting contracting business, Arana Craftsman Painters. She said to me, “Your business is an entity separate from you…

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The Power of Pleasure

If you know me, you know that I was raised Pentecostal. Pentecostals do not like us to talk about pleasure and sex and in fact, it is such a taboo topic, I still don’t talk about it easily, at 53 years old, even though I left that home almost 40 years ago. That conditioning was…

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The Importance of Community

I have to tell you, it has been through recognizing the importance of sisterhood and community that I have come into my own as a woman, expander, teacher, mentor, business owner, boss, and leader. I am so much better at and more connected to these roles because of the sisterhood that I have surrounded myself…

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Operating Your Business from the Feminine

Quick tips and thoughts for design principals or designers planning to start a firm that can be applied today and woven into the daily practices of running a business powered by The Feminine. A few highlights: Foster unity and sisterhood among staff. Look for what’s right in every situation, especially when a client is dissatisfied….

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