My Story

Hi there, you!

What do you want from your one miraculous and precious life? I want to help you get it.

I’m Laura Martin Bovard. Through my interior design practice, I’ve been privileged to be there for my clients at times of transformation. I’ve witnessed the magic that happens when people realize that having a beautiful home is more than creating a pretty space; it’s about building a home for your tribe. This is what I’ve learned: when you know where you belong, you come home to your Self.

I’ve always been a Personal Growth Junkie.

Ever since I ran away from a stifling childhood home, I’ve been bent on pushing the limits of my experience. I plunged into the world, earned my way to an outstanding education, married the man of my dreams, and gave birth to my first child. But it wasn’t until my second child was born that I realized I hadn’t really pushed myself to the limits of my potential. I was living the life the world wanted for me. But I wasn’t living the life I wanted. That was the moment I realized: unless I woke up, life was going to pass me by. That was the moment I became a Divine Hustler.

I’ve built a happier life and a multi-million dollar business on spiritual practice, grit, and a lot of failures. Through them all, I’ve come to learn that the keys to an energy-rich life are: transformation, liberation, self-mastery, and giving back. You must be giving–especially when it seems like there’s nothing left to give.

A huge part of my Divine practice is my commitment to helping others. I’m a mentor and a philanthropist. I listen to hundreds of programs, read blogs and distill them down for you to apply to your own life: transformation, connection, authenticity, self-awareness, freedom, neuroscience, metaphysics, health, wealth, philanthropy, creating beauty for the purpose of bringing us closer to our Source.

In Sparks and Bonfire, on Facebook and Instagram, I share my tools, stories, and downloads. I show you my messes and joys, the successes and the failures I’ve experienced along the way, as I continue to create an energy rich life.

I love building community. I am currently available to speak to groups and teams. Contact me at my Speaking page if you would like to learn more.