I am the beloved daughter of the Universe…

I am the beloved daughter of the motherf—ing Universe, in all of her glory.

I take a stand for myself. I take my personal power back. I ascend this fear that seeps its toxic poison through the cells and tissues of my body. I claim a spontaneous healing of this fear and anxiety that is not mine and does not belong to me.

I will prevail and rise like the phoenix I am, from the ashes. I stay in my own lane and allow all souls to have their own life experiences. I take responsibility where it is mine, and relinquish all other responsibility for anyone but myself.

I let go of the need or care for anyone else to approve of me. I am a boundary boss. I let myself be spectacular. I let myself be the grace of this infinite universe.

I am one with the Divine Creator, who is my beloved song. I can do anything I want, and be anything I want.

I surrender to the story that I am a victim. I let go of the stickiness that coagulates, and stop looking for evidence if I’m doing it right or wrong.

I am God creating itself. I orchestrate the perfect, smooth out-picturing of this gracious unfolding. I know what I am doing. I stand powerfully in my personhood.

The right people flow my way, and fulfill on exactly what is needed for the highest and best outcomes for all who are blessed to be in my field.

I own my light. I am the light of this universe. I claim all of this, and more. I let myself trust, and know that whether I am in traffic, getting published, or doing good for the world, I know who I am.

I will never give my power away again. I release all shame, fear, doubt, or resistance of any kind. I claim a wide opening into the fifth dimension. I trust all circumstances to align for me with grace. I receive my birthright as a powerful force of nature.

I let it go. I let it be.