Creating Portals to the Divine

When we realize our simple, ordinary, mundane lives can be portals to the divine by practicing presence in this now moment — that is the moment our awakening comes on line.

The other day I was sitting in traffic, and observed as my habitual thought patterns turned toward annoyance. My ego didn’t want to be in traffic. It wanted to be napping… hiking… anything but that.⁠

Then I remembered, even sitting in traffic I could choose to let it be a sacred moment. I took three deep breaths to anchor myself to spirit. I gazed at the sky, and I sent a blessing of love to every car that drove by. I began to reflect on all the good that had happened that day. ⁠

A long sit with my daughter that morning, an extra good cup of coffee my husband handed me on my way out the door, snuggles with my dog, Kiko… the list could go on and on. Before I knew it, I had merged into the moment and the traffic became my teacher that I took charge of when I separated from the muck of it. ⁠

I can use my tools to reconnect. And that is how I have been training my ego to be in service to my connection to spirit, instead of making me its bitch.⁠