What are you resisting?

What would it be like if you realized that every thing, every person, every moment of your life has been for your awakening?


One of the most beautiful takeaways from my journey into the shadows via plant medicine, network care, and the myriad of other tools, is that this reality isn’t reality. It’s an illusion filtered through my perceptions. ⁠

From this lens, I can see that every single moment of contrast has been created by me for the evolution of my consciousness. I can see how life is out-picturing whatever thoughts and projections I put out there. ⁠

Now I can see that all of this has been for my awakening, for humanity’s awakening. We are waking up to love. It is my sheer delight to be a part of it. Thank you for joining me on this journey as we all awaken to the love that we are. ⁠