Transforming the Daily Struggle into the Divine Hustle

Dear Readers,

A note about this blog post:

I wrote the below before our community entered lockdown. As I read it again before publishing today, I feel that the directive, to nourish ourselves so that we can better be of service, is even more true now. 

Trail hikes, luxurious naps, and Zoom calls with friends are very much the current mood — and all of these things are part of being a Divine Hustler at this time, and always…




waterfall as destination on a walk during the divine hustler retreat with Laura Martin Bovard

I like to imagine that we all have a Divine Hustler inside of us.

I think it’s safe to say we all experience the daily struggle in varying degrees. And it’s likely most of us at one time or another have had the experience of being in what I call the Divine Hustle, of being so inspired and empowered, that everything — from your perception of what is happening, to the outcomes that you desire — is available. When we are so in alignment with the Divine, it almost doesn’t feel like a hustle.

It’s effortlessness. 

“Hustle” is a controversial word these days. A lot of spiritual people are saying “stop hustling and start resting.” And that’s wonderful. I’m using Hustle in a different way. (Although it also needs to be said: A Divine Hustler adores a luxurious nap.)

I call it the Divine Hustle because when I am in that alignment, I am using my human body for what it was made for — to be productive and creative. And that feels good.

I can tell when I’m not in the energy of the Divine Hustle when I feel resentful. Resentment is one of the first clues that I’m out of alignment with Source. The “little-h” hustle is draining.

My Divine Hustler runs my business. She enlivens my life and inspires my relationships.

And now, it’s my passion to inspire you to find, define, and be yours.

Welcome to “Transformation Station!” 

Here, we live our commitment to self inquiry, to feeling the full expression and the holiness of being human. We are not taking a spiritual bypass. We are not losing sight of what a sacred gift it is to be here. All of our life experiences, good and bad, are gifts; pain can transport us to new levels of expansion and transformation, if we know how to use it.

Because I want this for you, I have created a one-day workshop, full of tools and processes for you to Define and Embody Your Divine Hustler. By the end of the day, you will know her, know how to be her, and experience being empowered by her. Save the date: May 2, 2020. More details coming soon.

When I am channeling my Divine Hustler, I am putting all of my sexy structures in place: workouts, mediations, writing, walks in nature, sisterhood connection time… these behaviors energize me into becoming my alter ego, my Divine Hustler, a divine and powerful version of my Self.

I channel her because there are times that I don’t have the courage to be audacious and bold and sexy. What I’ve come to understand is that all of these powerful feminine qualities are innately in me, in my nature, and unfortunately over the years, in my generation and for hundreds of years before that, have been squelched by the culture of patriarchy. 

I feel called to be the version of me that is audacious, bold, and DIVINE, all the time — but my programming is very contrary to that version of embodiment. 

So that’s why it’s so important to me to have the Divine Hustler now. She’s who that little girl could have become if she had just been nurtured, encouraged to be outspoken and creative and bold.

And my question, my goal, is how can we fast track as many women as possible to have more years of joy, tapping into each woman’s own Divine Hustler?

Let’s get us all to a place where we can deeply enjoy this life experience. 

It’s time, it’s necessary, it’s needed! The more we rise together, we can lead the ascension of all men and women, all girls and boys. 

That’s where we are ladies!

When I my get myself into Divine Hustler energy, I’m turned on. And then I can literally do everything. My Self is not me (not my little-s self); and then it’s not my limited thinking running the show.

I can use triggers and prompts throughout my day to remember to embody this persona. When I come into work and there’s an email from a client who is upset about something, I immediately shift into Divine Hustler gear. I’m not going to approach responding from an old, small version of me who might be worried about being in trouble, who believes she’s done something wrong, who takes on the other person’s upset as her own. When the Divine Hustler responds, she is gracious, understanding, and action-oriented. Her ability to stay out of the past, out of story, out of wrong-making, invites change to happen, inspires creative problem solving, and moves us both forward.

My Divine Hustler has run my company with structures that have served countless clients over the years, generated new income, and created career growth for my staff.

Any time I find myself feeling down, I have tools to use that energy to shift myself, to invite the Divine Hustler in, and to create a new experience.

Do you know your Divine Hustler? If you find yourself feeling scared or in-trouble, do you know how to armor up? How to channel in all of the qualities you want to be experiencing in yourself?

If you lived from that Divine Hustler, what might you accomplish? What kind of energy-rich life do you want to create?

Please plan to join me at my upcoming workshop (New Date TBD + details to follow) so that I may share with you the tools that create possibility, so that we can all be Divine Hustlers in our lives and lead the ascension to inclusivity, love, and connection.