Morning Prayers: Every Divine Hustler needs a prayer practice

Every Divine Hustler needs a prayer practice.

As the woman, business owner, goddess, I am, and am always expanding into — this is a foundational tool for me.

When I’m resourced, I try to write one every day. Please note: I don’t do this perfectly!

Here is one from a recent Monday morning:

Sweet spirit, I feel your presence so deeply this morning and truly feel the connection in allowing my mind to still. I know and feel the grace of oneness the awe and beauty of my humanity and the miracle of my soul.

I know this to be true for every human, every animal and creature that merges into this physical experience.

I feel you in every blessing, every moment in richness and in contrast.

We are all here to expand through the beautiful experience of emotion. Thank you for allowing me to settle into the depth of knowing my connection for myself and all of humanity.

For this magnificent Monday I claim wellness for my body temple.

May I stay calm and present in the face of a full week for my family and my business.

May I pause for sacred moments, uplift others, prepare nourishing food and more at a pace that honors my body’s need for a slower tempo while it creates the immunity it needs to be vital and well.

May all the beautiful beings I encounter feel safe to connect, to be vulnerable, to feel at ease in their lives so they may know and experience the joy of human connection.

May we all be kind to each other. Please clear the way of any obstacles or challenges on the installation for our beloved client this week. Please soothe any concerns around getting it all done.

Please allow me to be a turned on, resourced, feminine leader for my team. Allow me to grant each of them their innocence and see their talent, commitment, and greatness.

Thank you for this time, for guiding me into a place of warmth, love, and generosity.

May these words bless anyone who needs to feel grounded so that they may bless the lines of their tribe.

I am so grateful for the expansion and the remembering that I am here to create beauty, to expand and grow, to lead anyone who desires expansion and to teach others how to live life through connection to Source.

I now release my word into the law knowing that before my word was spoken it was already done in the mind of God/Goddess/All there is.

And so it is.