Business of Design Podcast: Interviews with the Divine Hustler on Starting a Business

Image of home page for Business of Design podcast, part I, with photo of Laura Martin Bovard seated in front of a colorful abstract painting, in her office in Oakland, California

As a companion post to my letter to young interior designers, here are the links to two Business of Design podcasts — parts I and II — where I talk with the wonderful Kimberly Seldon about the Inside Job of being an interior designer and entrepreneur.

Link to Business of Design Interview with Laura Martin Bovard: Part I

As entrepreneurs in the world of design, we all stand to gain so much by working together and lifting one another up. Value and worth are an inside job. In this episode, Kimberley talks to Laura Martin Bovard about how we can find and channel the mature business owner we dream of becoming.

In this episode we learn:
– that holding each other accountable to play a bigger game serves the industry as a whole
– that resolve can assist you in asking for and getting what you deserve
– if you have a “jobby” rather than a career, resolve to change, now
– structures and quality systems get you to a place of beauty

Link to Business of Design Interview with Laura Martin Bovard: Part II

Don’t think for a moment that your salary or income is the “extra” or it’s not as important as that of your higher-earning spouse or partner. That is guaranteed to keep you playing small.  

“Fun money is more fun when there’s plenty of it.” Kimberley Seldon

Is it possible you are holding yourself back; playing small to avoid having to step up?  It’s time to embrace your inner design warrior goddess.

In this episode we learn:
– not to automatically assume responsibility for every mistake
– how to ask situational questions at the client intake meeting
– to prepare clients in advance for anything that’s likely to be challenging
– that using third party stories can illustrate how easily projects can go off the rails, and how dedicated you are to making the situation right
– it’s ok to hit the pause button if a situation becomes heated