Welcome to the Bonfire

Come warm your hands, heart, and soul.

If you are here, chances are you are a Light Worker. You feel a drive to change your own life and the lives of others by shining your light, brightly.

Individually we can all light one candle at a time.

But, if we come together, we can stoke a larger fire.

I offer this site as a place to come for inspiration about transformation, to discover the tools that foster growth, play with universal principles, develop our practices.

For the benefit of those who are just meeting me for the first time… I am Laura Martin Bovard, principal of an Interior Design firm in Oakland, and, here, I am the Divine Hustler.

For sixteen years, I have been designing rooms and homes, and mentoring my staff. I can spend my life doing just this. It is satisfying work. It certainly serves the Divine Feminine in myself and others. And… that is like lighting a few candles in my own house, or around my neighborhood.

And so, I found my soul identity as the Divine Hustler.

My goal is to inspire women to live our lives from the Feminine, to run our businesses from the Feminine, to be in our true Feminine nature.

Transforming the daily struggle into the Divine Hustle

My mission and my purpose in life is to bring my love of transformation to the wider world.

I want to light all of us on fire with the power of the Divine Feminine. I want the warmth of our powerful gifts to spread around the world, so that the entire planet, all of humanity, is aglow.

When we contact and develop our feminine power, we are in our true nature. What does that look like?

We rise and we lift each other up; we friend and befriend; if one of us is suffering, all are suffering. The feminine is not about competition — it’s about inclusion. We heal together.

Welcome to the Bonfire, sister! I am glad you are here.

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